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Computer Vision Engineer
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Computer Vision Engineer

This is an opportunity for an experienced Computer Vision Engineer to join a team on a mission to scale a technology combating a global environmental crisis.

Working on a core platform leveraging computer vision to recognise actions, detect and track objects to provide real time feedback to users and connected devices (edge computing paradigm), you’ll:

- Solve computer vision challenges using deep learning methods
- Implement and develop machine learning methods using best practice
- Train and report model performance
- Build upon the latest research on object detection, classification and semantic segmentation
- Shape product and business direction 

This early stage A.I / Machine Learning driven startup has assembled a small close knit team around industry leading experts in the field of technology and A.I / Machine Learning who collaborate with global conglomerates on a mission to reverse environmental damage and build towards a sustainable future.

Their clients have reported significant reductions in waste (upto 50%) and increases in throughput (upto 10%) using the technology and urgently need the following skills to advance the product’s capabilities:

- 3+ years experience of applying machine learning and deep learning methods in commercial environments 
- Hands on development skills in Python (OpenCV, numpy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn) 
- Experience in building practical deep learning applications using detection architectures (RCNN, SSD, YOLO)

They run a hybrid flexible remote working culture, headquartered in Central London and can offer competitive market compensation packages (including equity).

Apply ASAP for more information.

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