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SatisAI - Computer Vision Engineer
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Satis.AI is an early stage food tech company which uses deep learning-based computer vision, causal inference, and cognitive AI to change how we feed the people around the world.

They are starting by providing software services to existing restaurant chains which use the live camera feed to provide augmentation for staff tasks with the aim to help decision making, reduce error and cognitive load needed.

They are surfing on the opportunity created by the food delivery disruption to bring real technological innovation into kitchens and enhance both people's experiences as well as staff and environmental impact.

With over 1/3 of all food produced globally going to waste and 25% of the world’s freshwater supply used to grow uneaten food, we are facing a global climate crisis.

The mission: to feed the world through a global food system which is more productive, resilient, more affordable, more sustainable, and healthier... all whilst preserving our planet.

The team includes people with extensive experience on the creation and deployment of scalable deep tech solutions as well as industry experts from companies like Babylon Health, Deliveroo and Thoughtworks!

Joining a small startup team, you will create a lasting impact on the company and have the opportunity to shape culture and products around your vision and personality. You, being a core member of the team, will contribute to the most imperative parts of the product development process, which includes understanding client needs through research, conceptualising complex ideas into interactive prototypes, validating ideas through user testing, designing detailed high-fidelity interfaces and exhaustively testing the product to be confident that we’re shipping a product that meets all requirements.

The Role...

    • Solve research and clients’ challenges in the field of computer vision using deep learning methods
    • Implement and modify machine learning methods using best software development practices
    • Train, analyse and report model performance
    • Develop tools for further automating research and analysis
    • Push the boundaries of what deep learning can do by following and building upon the latest research in the context of object detection, classification and semantic segmentation.

    • Experience with one or more Deep Learning Frameworks (Pytorch, Tensorflow)
    • Solid hands-on software development skills in Python (NumPy, SciPy, OpenCV, scikit-learn) and familiarity with C++
    • Solid theoretical understanding of machine learning and neural networks
    • Ability to write clear, efficient and scalable code

    • There's no expectation for you to be proficient with all of these. At the heart of it, we're looking for talented Engineers from versatile backgrounds who are interested in learning new languages and tools.
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