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Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies
Singapore, Singapore
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CSIT develops products to advance the national security interests of Singapore. Our products are used in a wide range of operations, including, but not limited to, Counter-Terrorism and Computer Network Defence. We are looking for talented machine learning engineers to design and build cutting-edge machine learning systems that support the processing of large volumes of data at scale.
You will combine your deep understanding of machine learning techniques with your keen proficiency in system design and software engineering to operationalise, scale, and monitor ML solutions that act on a variety of multi-modal data types. You will work with data scientists and software engineers to explore a diverse range of techniques and build state-of-the-art solutions to solve complex problems found nowhere else. The work you do will transform the way information is processed on an organisational scale and deliver substantive value for our mission.
As a staff ML Engineer, you will be a subject matter expert for the areas under your charge, and you will be responsible for the technical standards and skills of the team. You will also be expected to work effectively with other cross-functional teams to add value and deliver outcomes at an organisational level.


    • Set and uphold standards of code and documentation quality within the team
    • Drive the development and advancement of technical skills for junior team members
    • Mentor junior team members on best practices in engineering and system design
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify high-impact opportunities for applying machine learning and data analytics to solve key business issues
    • Engineer, deploy, optimise, and maintain ML solutions that contribute to the organisation's strategic objectives
    • Keep current with developments in academia and industry

Requirements (Minimum Qualifications)

    • A Bachelor's degree in an engineering or ML-adjacent quantitative field (e.g ., Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics, Statistics, Computational Linguistics, etc.) or equivalent practical experience
    • Strong proficiency in Python, with the ability to read, write, document, and maintain code in an idiomatic way
    • Experience with using Python-based machine learning libraries (e.g ., scikit-learn, transformers, spacy, etc.) in a production environment
    • Experience with using Python-based API frameworks (e.g ., fastapi) in a production environment
    • Experience with using containerisation and container orchestration platforms (e.g ., Docker, Kubernetes) in a production environment
    • Deep understanding of a particular domain and working knowledge of a broader range of ML concepts and techniques, e.g., in:
    • Natural language processing or computational linguistics
    • Speech processing 
    • Computer vision 
    • Information retrieval 
    • Data augmentation 
    • Anomaly and drift detection
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills


    • Experience in leading and managing technical teams
    • A Master's degree or PhD in a relevant field and/or 5 or more years of relevant work experience
    • Prior work in multiple data science/ML domains
    • Familiarity with other general purpose programming languages (e.g ., Java, JavaScript, C/C++, etc.) 
    • Experience in working with big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Kafka
As CSIT is an agency under the Ministry of Defence (Singapore), only Singapore Citizens will be considered.

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