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Founding Engineer - Machine Learning
Kodra Technologies
Mountain View, CA
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Kodra's mission is to maximize the the number of AI use cases deployed to production. Today there is unprecedented demand for companies that want to apply machine learning to their own unique problems, but the tooling for cross-disciplinary, iterative ML development is still nascent.

At Kodra, we believe that there should be more focus on enabling self-service ML development. To make this feasible, we are building a product that combines research from active learning, transfer learning, cognitive psychology, weak supervision, and crowdsourcing in order to create the fastest and most economical way for our customers to collaboratively build novel ML applications that are tailored for their own use cases. Our goal is to build a product that brings an order of magnitude improvement to the manual effort required to build new machine learning applications.

As a founding machine learning engineer, you will get to work with the rest of the founding team to help define ML strategy for Kodra's flagship product. Our backend stack is in Python (Django, Celery, Pytorch). Experience in compute-efficient training methods or research background in machine learning is a plus.

We are well funded, backed by top VCs, and are building a team of exceptional individuals who believe in our mission to make AI massively more accessible across industry. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and think that working hard on impactful problems should still be a fun experience. Please reach out if you think you would be a good fit for our team or just want to learn more.
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