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Applied Scientist Internship - 3D Vision
Flawless AI
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Flawless is an award winning film technology company pioneering the generative AI revolution in filmmaking. Solving some of the biggest problems filmmakers face by empowering them with groundbreaking AI powered post production tools, allowing on screen dialogue to be visually changed without the need to reshoot or go back to set. The world’s first system has won multiple awards including TIME Best Inventions.
Founded in 2020 by Hollywood director, Scott Mann and serial technology entrepreneur Nick Lynes, Flawless is opening a world of new possibilities for filmmakers whilst ensuring the responsible adoption of generative AI. With headquarters in London and LA, Flawless has established an exceptional team of 100 world leaders in science, film and technology that have come from the likes of Adobe, Google, Lionsgate, NASA, Sony, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple (click here to find out more).
Flawless are looking for a Applied Scientist Intern - 3D Vision

Flawless AI is an energetic startup creating a platform that can accurately and effectively translate movies into different languages.

Our technology makes it look like your favorite actor or actress is actually speaking another language without subtitles or voice overs using Ai to make it indistinguishable from the original performance. 
It doesn’t matter where you live, or what languages you speak, audiences can now experience authentic storytelling exactly as the filmmaker originally intended through the magic of visual translation. 
We believe the most important breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are unlocked only when we apply it to real-world use cases that reach millions of people and are generally available. This is our north star and guiding principle. 

As an Applied Scientist Intern on the computer vision and graphics team at Flawless you will work with a close-knit, passionate group of world-class researchers and scientists to tackle some of the most challenging problems in deep learning, including 3D reconstruction and monocular facial tracking. 
Our work in visual dubbing is just the tip of the iceberg, we’re developing countless exciting products based on our cornerstone research. This is an unbelievable opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the generative revolution.


    • On going MS or Ph.D student in Visual Computing, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, 3D Vision, or related field industry or research experience with deep learning and computer vision
    • Extensive experience with Python
    • Experience with CV tools e.g. OpenCV, scikit,  numpy, etc
    • Familiar with linear algebra, and numerical optimization
    • Experience with cloud platforms such as GCP, Azure, or AWS
    • Experience in the following areas:Monocular 3D Facial Tracking
    • Experience with machine learning and deep learning and modern 2D and 3D Vision.
    • Experience with training and testing with modern deep learning architectures e.g. Transformer and CNN.

Preferred Qualifications

    • MS (with experience) in Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, 3D Vision, or related field
    • Familiar with 3DMM and statistical models
    • Familiar with Transformer, CNN, and GAN architectures
    • Experience with differentiable rendering pipelines, such as PyTorch3D, or Taichi Graphics.
    • Experience with creating metric and benchmark solutions for 3D facial tracking.
    • Experience developing tools or solutions at scale for multi-modal or audio-driven visual systems in AR/VR or VFX
    • Experience working in collaborative teams comprised of researchers, applied scientists, and platform developers
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