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Machine Learning Engineer
Luma AI
Palo Alto, California
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At Luma we are building the foundations of visual AI.
We are looking for people with strong engineering capabilities, such as designing, implementing, and improving large-scale distributed machine learning systems, writing bug-free machine learning code, and developing the underlying algorithms. You’ll be part of Luma’s applied research team and work directly on mission critical models and infra.

What’s expected

    • Strong programming skills in python and especially a deep understanding of pytorch, numpy, and basic libraries for working with images and structured data
    • Ability to rapidly build and add features to CLI tools, dashboards for visualization, comparison, and metric tracking to accelerate research
    • Experience with filtering and preparing training data
    • Experience with large model training is a plus

    • What we wouid love to see
    • Experience working with large distributed systems like SLURM, Ray or other similar technologies
    • Experience with deploying models (building docker images, kubernetes basics)
    • Knowledge of graphics fundamentals, 3D formats, tools (e.g. Blender/UE4), and/or 3D-related python libraries
    • Ability to not only use but also implement new models in codebases like diffusers, transformers

Startup Mindset

    • Value velocity and execution.
    • Communicate clearly.
    • Focus on building what will matter to users and the product.
    • Be resourceful at finding creative ways to overcome challenges.


    • Equity grant to reflect the incredible value you will bring to Luma, with annual refreshes.
    • Excellent salary and benefits.
    • Full health, dental, and vision coverage.
    • Latest and greatest gear.
    • Stipends towards wellness, house cleaner, and phone/internet.
    • Unlimited paid time off with 12 days minimum.
    • Unlimited sick days.
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