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Machine Vision SW Engineer
Koh Young Technology
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Job Functions
•To optimize for the performance under various HW architecture such as CPU, GPU, and Edge Devices(e.g. Movidius)
•To understand existing C++ codes used for image processing and optimize in the performance (e.g. processing time and memory usage)
•To understand POC codes written in Python for computer vision and implement with optimization in performance
•To utilize Machine Learning framework and implement in-house network

Qualifications and Skills
• Education
 o Required: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering major
 o Preferred: 5+ years of relevant experience
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Proven ability to deliver a commercial product from design to production
• Strong software skills in C++
 o Various techniques to accelerate processing time optimization such as SIMD, Multi-threading, GPU, and etc
 o To understand legacy codes and rewrite them for refactoring and optimization
• Experiences to various machine learning framework o TensorRT, cuDNN, OpenVino

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