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Computer Vision, Robotics and NLP Engineering Roles
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An opportunity to join a growing engineering team in London, working on a range of complex problems around Computer Vision, Robotics and NLP

You'll be joining a leading provider of innovative secure services and solutions to both public and private sectors across MENA. With a customer base of over 60,000 private and public organisations, you'll be part of an established business with a presence across MENA and Europe. The engineering team in London is comprised of a small group of researchers and engineers with a focus on providing autonomy and mentorship as the team starts to scale.  

Most of the projects the team in London are working on are at an MVP stage so this is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the core development of some critical areas.

Projects range from:

- Computer Vision: car damage assessments; drone inspections; attention analysis; satellite image analysis; crowd counting..

- NLP: intelligent decision support systems for judges; speech recognition..

- Hardware and Robotics: door sensors; environmental sensors; indoor route planning for autonomous deliveries


    • Implementing image level features for downstream vision tasks (including learned and hand crafted features)
    • Creating sensor data collection software for on site data collection and validating vision algorithms
    • Optimising vision algorithms for target embedded architectures
    • Working on virtualisation and dockerization, deploying models to cloud services and hardware
    • Work cross functionally across different departments (e.g. hardware, software, product)


    • Experience with Object Detection and Segmentation (Instance or Panoptic) ML architectures
    • Experience with ML Algorithms and feature creation
    • Understanding of hardware and robotics
    • Programming skills in Python and C++
    • TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV, Yolo, RCNN
    • BSc or MSc in a technical field related to Engineering, Mathematics, Robotics, AI etc.
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