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Strong Compute
Sydney, NSW
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This is an opportunity for 3rd/4th year computer science and engineering students looking for the most valuable project to add to their portfolio. The project you point to in job interviews, when seeking a promotion, or when seeking funding for your own company.

Our projects cover the following areas:
20+ Compute science and software engineering, AI computer vision,  DevOps, Web
Several Hardware projects: mechatronics, electrical engineering, space engineering
Some Business projects suitable for Engineering/Business double degrees.

Strong Compute’s purpose is to reduce the time and cost of developing new AI models. We provide:
ML Ops (applying DevOps strategies to Machine Learning),
ML compute: custom built high efficiency systems based on Nvidia CUDA capable GPUs, and
Artificial Intelligence prototyping and optimisation work.

We’ve had more than 600 students work on our projects to date. Many of whom are now working at Atlassian, Google, Microsoft, local funded startups and multi billion Silicon Valley startups. Our CEO has mentored 100 people to build their own tech companies as well, with $300M in capital and revenue across these teams. 

If this opportunity excites you, then please get in touch with us.

Please note that our 2022 intake is currently full. If you'd like to be considered for our 2023 intake, then please apply.

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