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Principal Software Engineer
Spice AI
Seattle, Washington (Remote)
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Building data and AI-driven apps is still way too hard, even for advanced developers. At Spice AI, we’re helping developers combine code with data and machine learning (ML) to create truly data and AI-driven applications. Spice AI is on a mission to make this as easy as creating a modern web page. 

There is no ecosystem more data-rich than web3 and blockchains. Ironically, while most blockchains are public and open, extracting data to power apps and ML is painfully difficult. Spice is making terabyte (and eventually petabyte) blockchain datasets and ML models accessible to developers, data scientists, data engineers, and AI/ML engineers. 

At Spice AI, we're building a platform for the next generation of data and AI-driven applications, starting with web3. The platform includes (data and AI infrastructure for web3) and OSS (time-series AI for developers). 

Who we are looking for

    • You are passionate about building amazing developer experiences. You start with a customer-obsessed product experience, and then figure out how to enable that with technology.
    • You think differently. You do not accept the status-quo. You challenge the current model of the world and take leaps of faith to build it better for everyone.
    • You are positive. Instead of focusing on limitations, you ask what’s possible.
    • You care about meaningful work and changing the world. Your work is more than a job.
    • You are comfortable with ambiguity and unknowns, and in these situations you lead by creating clarity.
    • You are passionate about high performance and have high standards.

What we're looking for

    • Experience in designing, implementing, scaling and shipping production distributed and data systems.
    • Experience with CNCF-stack and cloud-native development, and ideally with Golang/Python
    • Experience in building developer tools or services
    • A track record of good design, architectural, engineering and product decisions.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Ability to ramp up quickly and hit the ground running.

Your responsibilities

    • A leader and outstanding contributor in the open-source project.
    • Creating, designing, and building the distributed and data systems architecture of, and our cloud systems, Spice Cloud and Spice Rack.
    • Take ownership and drive initiatives for improving the product.

Your first 90-days

    • Your first month - ramp up and contribute improvements to the project
    • 30-60 days - take technical and engineering ownership of an entire feature area
    • 60-90 days - propose and execute on aligned technical strategy going forward
About Spice AI

Founded in June 2021 by Microsoft and GitHub alumni Luke Kim and Phillip LeBlanc, Spice AI creates technology to help developers build intelligent apps that learn and adapt.

Before co-founding Spice AI, Luke was the co-creator of Azure Incubations in the Office of the Azure CTO, where he led cross-functional engineering teams to create and develop technologies like Dapr and OAM.

Spice AI is backed by some of the top industry angel investors and leaders, including Nat Friedman, Chairman of GitHub, Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, and Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub.

Spice AI also has notable VC backing from Madrona Venture Group, Founders' Co-op, and Picus Capital.

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