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Machine Learning(LLM) Engineer
San Francisco
At Connectly we are building a revolutionary e-commerce experience on WhatsApp. Unlike traditional shopping experiences where you have to download an app, or sign up on a website, we allow customers to engage and transact directly within the thread.

By choosing Connectly you will join a VC-backed early-stage startup, work with our world-class team, and experience rapid career advancement opportunities.

About the team: CEO Stefanos was the global Head of Messenger at Facebook. CTO Yandong was CTO of Strava. Other founding members have experience working for Google, Facebook, Uber and other startups.

We are looking for an ML builder who can play a key role across the entire ML lifecycle. You will be involved with our conversational AI bots, e-commerce search/retrieval platform, and ad-targeting recommender systems. On the operations end, your tasks will include building production-ready inference pipelines, deployment and model versioning, and working on continuous validation processes. On the engineering side, your responsibilities will encompass fine-tuning generative AI models, constructing agentic language chains, and prototyping recommender system experiments.


    • Must demonstrate good software engineering design practices
    • Experience working with transformer models
    • Experience working with text embeddings
    • Experience deploying and managing ML models in a production setting
    • Familiarity with common NLP libraries: PyTorch, HuggingFace Transformers, SpaCy, etc...
    • Bonus: familiarity with common ML Ops tooling/platforms (i.e.) Weights and Biases, Anyscale, Sagemaker, etc...
    • Bonus: familiarity with the AWS ecosystem.
    • Bonus: past projects building agentic language chains


    • Fine-tuning generative AI models
    • Designing AI Agents
    • Experimenting with new techniques for recommender systems
    • Building and maintaining inference pipelines
    • Managing deployment and model versioning pipelines
    • Building tooling to continuously validate models in production
Connectly is an equal opportunity employer. We’re committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace that is distributed around the world.

We're a remote-first company, but due to the majority of the workforce being in the western hemisphere collaboration hours are generally within the Pacific Timezone working hours range (7 hours behind UTC). We allow you to work from anywhere in the world anytime you prefer, as long as you are able to at least some workdays overlap with 9am - 1pm Pacific time where we have scheduled team meetings and close collaboration hours. (location-specific legal requirements permitting).

We're looking to cultivate a highly creative, motivating, and collaborative environment as we aim to move fast and build quickly. Talk to us if you are interested!